The pillows are made up from convoluted super soft memory foam layer with variety of scent that ensures tailor made comfort and meet the many needs for rest. The convoluted shape alleviates neck and shoulder pain and provides excellent comfort.


Orthotherapy™ pillows provide anatomical support in combination with the pressure relieving memory foam core. The ergonomically designed moulded memory foam core gently moulds and conforms to your every move resulting in an excellent support and comfort.

Did you know your bed has its own micro-climate? Both the quality of your duvet and the sleep surface determine your feeling of comfort. Indeed the surface underneath you needs to be breathable.


Cairfull is a high tech 3D fabric that regulates the climate inside your bed, keeps you dry and is extremely comfortable. On one hand, it creates an ever-lasting airspace under your body. On the other, it reduces pressure to help you sleep more comfortable. The airspace is designed to actively ventilate.

So with every little movement, the air under your body starts to circulate, distributing heat over the entire bed evenly and greatly improving evaporation. Keeping you cool during summer, warm during winter and dry all year round.