Discover the genie behind of Suprelle™ Extralife…

ADVANSA’s R&D team has created a new high-tech fibre: Suprelle™ Extralife. Its spring-like, 3D helicoidal structure combined with a modified polymer and specially adapted surface finish give the fibre it’s outstanding durability and resilience. Instead of going flat over time, pillows retain the needed bulk and support for 1001 nights of cozy comfort. Used for duvets, the new fibre-filling ensures durable warmth and loft, night after night.

Today, dreams come true…

The French Textile Institute (Institut Francais du Textile et l’Habillement) has tested and verified the mechanical endurance of a pillow filled with Suprelle™ Extralife fibre.

Test Conditions*:
20,000 cycles under 30N compression (as in average head weight) using a 320cm2 disc. The measurement protocol was based on the principle that standards NFT56-114 and EN ISO 3386-1 combine.

*Test results available from ADVANSA on demand IFTH: Institut Francais du Textile et l’Habillement